Sparrow love


Like our phones we will have cities
No more dumb but smart to touch
And feel air- like in our televisions.
We have smart televisions loaded
On intimate knowledge of women.

A smart city rations our attention
As we adopt a sweet tweet format.
Our character will be 140 and less.
Our libraries stack vertical tweets
As heritage preserved in capsules.

The city’s sparrows will all vanish
From mirrors and from the lawns.
One cannot peck sparrows in them.
Only we can make love like them.


Krishna’s hair

It is Krishna- black lustrous hair braid
If only there are moon’s jasmines in it.
A woman’s mountain back has a braid
Ding-dong on granite body fine touch.

After dam it is a temple and pilgrims,
Ancient memories of the after-world.
A snake turns into many small snakes
And boats heave only high on people.

Island is holiday from river touched
By a wind and boats bringing motion
For people to nest in shadow houses,
Copies of concrete holes back home.

(On a visit to the Bhavani island resort in the Krishna river near Vijayawada)