Chapati moon

Moonlight is back on roof and sky,
Flour rolled into dough for chapati
For us to take a bite after bite daily.

A coconut will at times take its bite
But a new chapati is always rolling.
Women are holding up their sieves.

Men are reading boring daily news.
Wives will see their faces in sieves
The round and perfect full moons.

(On Karwa chauth , after completing a day’s fast for husband’s well being , a woman looks through a sieve first looking at the rising moon and then at her spouse)


Love is in the air and water

A rock in the lake that had shadows
Dancing about and deeply involved,
Now declares unnamed boy smitten
By an arrow through heart for a girl
Deeply involved in toothy burghers
Fresh from country oven and a cola
Frothing at mouth on phony fingers.
The scene has water bottles loosely
Anchored to it, by the passing wind.
It seems love is in the air and water.

Inside Diwali

We would mix sulphur and coal for days
And let it dry on string cot in a warm sun.
We stuffed  mixture in newspaper cones.

Lighted cones hissed like snakes in a sky
Only to dive some times to waiting straw
On sleeping houses, recently laid to roof.

We made cloth balls of stones in sulphur
To bang on decrepit walls for a loudness.
We made holes in star smiles on posters.

We made such sound in moonless night
That birds shut their ears in mango tree
With not a single flutter heard in leaves.