Cow dust

Our twilight blinks a transitory day
A moving shadow on a series of hills
Like overcast eagle looking for prey.

This is the time of cows return dust
The hoofs lightly askew in earth hour
To home, a night advancing in moon.

(Cow dust(godhuli) is the dust raised by the returning cows at the twilight hour- a frequent reference in Indian literature))


Laughing to death

She was the old woman of our age
As we hurtled towards our old age,
Her crinkle too young for our age.
Her body shook an entire laughter,
Acting life like it was no real thing.

An old woman of our essential age,
Her body wrinkled as if it laughed
Its guts out, emptying inner bags
Of its several childhood laughters
Spilling on the floor, rolling over
As inside-splitting ,old hag bodies
That had gone and to go hereafter.

(At the ripe age of 102 , the veteran actress Zohra Sehgal passed two days ago)